Thursday, September 12, 2013

Korean Dramas - Expectations vs Reality

I guess you can say that I've watched a few Korean dramas during my lifetime. Okay, make that more than 100 or so. The thing about these dramas is that you get sucked into the story line and fall in love with the characters. They also mess with your head a bit and give you a false realization on life. For me, it was my love life.

Some of the popular story lines that they seem to always use is a snobby rich guy falling for a nerdy or poor girl. Usually, the guy is trying to get over his first love or has had some traumatic experience in his life. The girl ends up helping him get over her, help him overcome his trauma, and at the same time teach the guy that there's more to life than money. They also fall in love in the process. Or the perfect sweet and nice guy that will do anything and everything for the girl. Even risk his own life to save her. WHY CAN'T THAT BE ME?! This doesn't happen in real life. I've never had it happen to me.. yet? I've been nerdy and I'm poor, where's the handsome rich dude falling in love with me and giving me the life of luxury? Where's the perfect sweet guy that will do anything for me? Are you waiting for me at Starbucks? Let me know which location. Also, a lot of the dramas focus on the fact that these couples are soul mates. They meet and are meant for each other and they'll do whatever it takes to be with each other (Also get married within 2-3 months of meeting, but I won't get into that). Again, where are these guys? Hellooo! 

I don't believe in love at first sight as many of these dramas do. I believe that there's lust at first sight. Haven't you ever been attracted to someone only to actually get to know them and either your personalities don't match or they turn out to be wackos? They somehow make it work in the dramas, but in real life, you run far away and don't look back. Somehow watching all these dramas with the same premise, I can't help sometimes to be swayed and my heart melts a bit. And for that moment I'm watching that drama, I believe it. 

Watching so many k-dramas has made me develop this delusion with high expectations of the K-drama guys. I can't help but compare them to guys I meet. I know, it spells disaster. I need help and I need to get that perfect guy out of my head. It's like this fantasy land that only lives in my dreams and I don't want to wake up. I mean, why would I when I close my eyes right now Hyun Bin is cooking me breakfast and I'm giving him a back hug? Damn you K-dramas for feeding me false hope! Yes, it could be I've just met with the wrong guys and maybe someday the right guy for me will come along. 

That is why one time I dreamt of becoming an actress in Korea. So that I can go from drama to drama and act with cute boys. We kiss and for that moment they tell me that they love me. Then I can move onto another drama with another cute actor and we can do the same thing all over again. That is the life, isn't it? Unfortunately, my Korean is horrible and there's also the fact that.. I'm not an actor. I doubt I can get through by only saying, "I'm hungry" in Korean. But hey, Daniel Henney has done dramas and movies in Korea without speaking much Korean. Then again, he has the looks and that swooning smile and that body.. those abs! Whoa, it's getting hot in here. Excuse me while I go open a window.

So until the right guy comes along I'll just close my eyes. Shh.. Hyun bin is almost done cooking while I'm cuddling with T.O.P. Hey, it's my dream. 


  1. Daniel Henney... oh my Buddha... yes indeed he doesn't say much in Korean , Chinese movies etc... but I don't even hear what he is saying ;D All I see is his lovely eyes , his babyface and strong body :D

  2. Farwa Ki ABC aplus drama In a recent interview, Kajol talked about her craze for Pakistani dramas. She said a while back it would have been totally impossible for a Bollywood actor to religiously follow Pakistani soaps or be enthusiastic about them, but things have totally changed.

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